How To “Really” Start Your New Year Right By Improving Your Smile! ~


How To “Really” Start Your New Year Right By Improving Your Smile!

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Since the new year has started the majority of the population has started and even ended all of their famous “new year resolutions.” And just like that, they are over and done with most people quitting after the first or second week. With that in mind, their new year is pretty much shot and there is no chance of regaining momentum for the rest of the year. However, the one thing that you can do to improve your new year, and start it again the right way, is by improving your smile. So, while everyone else is going back to their old ways and old habits, you can give your new year a boost right now. So, with that, keep reading, improve your new year and enjoy!

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Smile Brighter with a Teeth Whitening Procedure!

Last year millions of people drank coffee, tea and wine, which stained their teeth, exponentially, to a yellow or dingy grey color, that doesn’t look all to appealing. If you are one of those people who has had an issues with stains on your teeth, than it is high time you find the top dentist in Kenosha, WI to help whiten your smile. Whitening your teeth is probably one of the best things you can do for your dental health overall. But, more importantly than that, having a brighter smile can give you a huge confidence boost and allows you to express yourself a lot more with the use of your mouth.

Most people think that just going to the local pharmacy and buying a random branded whitening solution is going to help, however, doing this is really just a quick fix and won’t help your teeth in the long run. So, for a better final result, it’s best to consult your dentist to see if they offer whitening trays which can be used at home. However, if your stains are not just on the outside, but inside, your teeth, than the only other solution is to cover it up with dental restoration or veneers.

Make Your Smile Stronger with Teeth Bonding & Veneer!

Just like how teeth whitening can make them brighter, getting dental bonding or veneers can make your teeth far stronger than before. For bonding, fixing a chipped tooth is nothing and it will fill in the missing parts as well as fix any imperfections. More importantly, it will strengthen the remaining teeth in your mouth to give you that perfect smile you want.

On the flip side, for dental veneers, this is usually used to repair and fix any teeth that are shaped abnormally. So, if you are feeling a bit self-conscious about the way your teeth are shaped, now is the time for you to fix them in this new year. The procedure itself contains, reshapes and repairs the parts that need fixing but also removes the enamel to make the smaller adjustments. Now, if there is not a major issue with the shape, getting a dental recontouring might be a better option.


In conclusion, remember that to start your year off the right way, you will need to find the best dentist in Kenosha WI and luckily for you, Pat Crawford DDS holds that title. So, if you are wanting a fresh start in this new year by fixing your smile, than head over to our services page to view all of the procedures we offer.

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