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Sedation Dentistry with Dr. Pat Crawford, DDS

If you tremble at the thought of a dental appointment, worry no more. You are covered thanks to sedation dentistry. It is a technique used in dentistry to help you bid adieu to your dental fears and undergo any dental process with little to no pain. It does not only put you at ease but also makes it easy for the dentist to perform the required procedure.

Dr. Pat Crawford understands the horrors associated with dental procedures, and hence offers sedation dentistry in Kenosha. He is an experienced dentist in Kenosha and will talk to you about sedation dentistry answering all questions related to it.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a technique that includes the use of different medications, including anesthesia, to calm you during your treatment. Based on the amount and type of sedation, you may be a little conscious or completely asleep during the process. Some sedatives wash away within a few hours while the effect of some stays for half a day.

Not all dentists are qualified to use all forms of sedatives. Dr. Crawford has the required skills and expertise to perform all kinds of sedations. Speak to him about your eligibility and how sedation dentistry can help you.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Dr. Crawford will require you to be at the office a few hours before the procedure. You will be given medication to consume if it is oral sedation or you will be injected in case you need IV sedation, depending on the nature of the dental procedure and your level of fear. This is done about an hour before the procedure and you will be in a sleep-like state during the actual treatment. Check our sedation dentistry page to know more about the type of sedations and how they work.

Enjoy free consultation with Dr. Crawford in Kenosha to talk more about sedation dentistry.


How Our Services Work

1 Step 1

Talk About Sedation Dentistry

Our dentist will explain about sedation dentistry to you and how it is going to help you and the dentist. He will also explain for how long you will be dizzy and what precautions you have to take.

2 Step 2

Get Sedated

Based on the type of sedation, you will be either given a pill to consume, or gas to inhale. In case of IV sedation the drug will be injected. You will be required to come to the practice about an hour or two before the actual treatment time.

3 Step 3

The Treatment

The dentist will perform the required treatment on you while you stay comfortable in the chair. You will be fully asleep or dizzy based on the type of sedation used and will report of no pain making the procedure easy.

4 Step 4

Get Back To Life

The effects of the drug will begin to wash away within a two to three hours, but some may take longer. The dentist will wake you up and answer your question related to your condition. You may not be in a condition to drive back home, but you will not have any pain.

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Why Dr. Crawford for Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is very safe. It will put you in a sleep-like state and you will be back up once the effects wears off. However, the right dosage is required as an overdose can lead to problems. This is why only qualified dentists can perform sedation dentistry, and Dr. Crawford is one such dentist.

Dr. Crawford is an experienced dentist who has performed a number of dental procedures in Kenosha. He is calm and will cater to all your needs in a professional manner. He is one of the most well known dentists in Kenosha and has been practicing for over 20 years. Under his guidance, you will get the best results.

Speak with Dr. Pat Crawford and see how sedation dentistry can help you. He offers free dental consultation for you. Avail it today.

Book an appointment today and enjoy free consultancy
or visit us at 7851 Cooper Rd. Kenosha, WI 53142.


See What Patients Are Saying About Us

Five Stars

Dr. Crawford is the only dentist I trust in the whole of Kenosha. I first visited him due to severe toothache and he was able to treat the pain within a day, and since then he’s my go-to dentist. His staff is friendly and he is also very affordable. He is extremely friendly and clears all your doubts. I have recommended him to all my friends and everyone has only good things to say.

~ Alex Levesque
Five Stars

I was always scared of dentists, until I landed on Dr. Crawford’s website one day while searching for dental fears. I studied about sedation dentistry on his site, instantly called him and reserved my free consultation and within a week I was ready to get my tooth extracted, which was the cause of my pain. He explained to me about sedation dentistry and promised me I’ll feel no pain, and fortunately he was right. I am glad to have found such a professional dentist in Kenosha.

~ Rick McMahon
Five Stars

My teenage son used hates dentists, and I do not blame him for that. He had heard horror stories from me, and would never go to a dentist out of fear until one day he fell and chipped his tooth. Not knowing what to do, I forcefully took him to Dr. Crawford’s practice in Kenosha and everything has changed since. The dentist eradicated his fears with the use of sedation, and gave him a new tooth. By the end of the treatment, my son was questioning my own dental fears!

~ Victoria Fox
Five Stars

I first visited Dr. Crawford on being recommended by a colleague. I was having excruciating toothache and it turned out to be the most dreaded, wisdom tooth. I was a nuisance to deal with due to the pain, but Dr. Crawford spoke to me in a friendly tone and answered all my questions, including why it was important to get my tooth extracted. The extraction was performed the same week and now I am able to live like I used to. I’d recommend this dentist to everyone.

~ Judy Jason