December 29

3 Ways to Get Your Oral Health Back on Track Before Another Lockdown

As we move into a new year and a new presidential administration in early 2021, we are all facing uncertainties. In fact, the only thing we can be sure of is that things are going to change, and that means that the end-of-year rush to get dental procedures dealt with before the holidays is going to be even bigger than usual. At Pat Crawford’s dental practice in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we are going the extra mile this December to keep your oral health in good order and make sure your mouth is ready for anything in 2021. 

Here are 3 ways we are helping patients get oral health back on track as 2020 draws to a close:

1-We continue to offer the fastest solutions around. 

Thanks to the investments our practice has made into in-office technology, Dr. Crawford is able to handle many dental procedures that would normally require multiple appointments, such as getting crowns and onlays, in a single visit. We can prepare our onlay material on-site rather than having to send your dental details elsewhere to get the materials made. 

2-We offer the most durable options for chronic tooth-grinders. 

If you grind your teeth and have crowns or onlays, the odds are good that you spent a lot of last spring worrying that you might end up with a cracked or broken tooth or crown at a time when your dentist was not available to remediate the problem. Dr. Pat Crawford’s office deals with this not just by being available for emergency visits but also by offering zirconium crowns, the strongest available crown today. Dr. Crawford is the only dentist in the area who makes these crowns, and a zirconium crown will likely reduce or entirely remove the threat of a damaged crown from your list of fears for the foreseeable future. 

3-We practice augmentation instead of amputation whenever possible. 

“What? My former dentist was considering doing an amputation on me? What’s going on?” No, no. You weren’t about to lose a limb during a routine dental checkup. However, most dentists do practice amputation of healthy tooth structure when installing a crown or onlay onto a diseased tooth. Dr. Crawford, however, prefers to augment your healthy tooth, removing only the diseased parts of the tooth rather than putting on a full crown and removing the healthy parts along with the diseased parts. This is important because augmentation results in less nerve irritation, saves tooth structure, and dramatically reduces the risk of future root canals. 

Learn more about dental health in 2021 by visiting Dr. Pat Crawford’s website. You can call us for more information and make an appointment online or by phone.  


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