5 Healthy “Dental Approved” Ways to End Your Bad Breath!

So you’ve got bad breath, huh? Or maybe more likely, you want to avoid bad breath in the future, so you don’t have to deal with it in the long run. Whatever the case may be, there are dental-approved ways that you can keep your teeth clean, your gums healthy, and more…all while avoiding bad breath and keeping your mouth fresh and manageable. 

In fact, there are many ways to get rid of bad breath.  Here are just a few ways that you can avoid all that dreaded bad breath while keeping your mouth clean and healthy all the same time:

Clean your mouth regularly!

First and maybe most importantly, make it a point to clean your mouth thoroughly several times a day to ensure that your teeth get the most out of it and stay healthy! When you clean your mouth, you clean not only your teeth, but also your gums and tongue, and you kill bacteria that can affect you in more ways than one. As that bacteria leaves and dies, you don’t have to deal with the associated bad breath issues, so keep everything clean and everyone wins! 

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated and keeping your mouth moisturized can go a long way when it comes to treating your various breath issues and problems. In fact, doing so can go a long way for improving your breath over time and ensuring that bacteria cannot live in your mouth in any higher quantity than what is acceptable. By keeping your mouth from being dry, you prevent bacteria growth and more, so use your breath as an excuse to stay hydrated.

Be careful with your gums

Some gums have certain ingredients in them which can seriously affect your breath, and while it may seem counterintuitive for those who chew gum to get better breath, in the long run, they can actually hurt your breath even more than if you hadn’t have chewed the gum in the first place. Cinnamon flavored gum, especially, can reduce the bacteria count in your mouth over time.

Do you like bananas?

Bananas are unlike other foods – say onions, garlic, cheese, and coffee – in that they can actually improve your breath instead of harm it. So if you are a fan of bananas, or need something to get you moving and energized again while also improving your breath and keeping your mouth healthy, chomp on one!

Talk to your doctor

Finally and more importantly, if you’re searching for a dentist or have needs more serious than a simple cleaning can take care of, talk to a medical professional about your gums, teeth, and mouth. We can help take care of the more serious needs that you may have while ensuring that your mouth and breath stay healthy. Then, over time, you can work with a dental professional on how to properly brush, improve your mouth, and more.

 Remember, these natural remedies usually work, but the best way to maintain a healthy mouth and an attractive smile is to visit the dentist on a regular basis.


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