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5 Fun Things Your Dentist Should Offer Your Child When They Come in for a Cleaning

Fun things your dentist should offer your child…

Did you know that about three in every four adults fears going to the dentist? Of that 75 percent of the adult population, about one in 10 have a strong enough fear that it can be considered an actual dental phobia. Sadly, in most of these cases, that fear stems from a childhood experience at the dentist that could have been handled differently.

If you are a parent wondering if those high-cost pediatric dental practices that take your child through the swinging doors and send them out the other side without ever inviting you into the conversation are the right thing for your kid, take a minute to ask your practice of choice about five things that every dentist should offer a child when they come in for a cleaning. In many cases, the best dentist for you is also the best dentist for your child, which is why Dr. Crawford’s practice in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sees both adult and pediatric patients.

Here is our quick-and-easy checklist of five things your dentist should offer your child when they come in for a cleaning:

Dentist-should-offer-your-child-explanation - Kenosha Dentist

1. An explanation of what is going on.

Children fear the unknown. That’s not really that different from adults! Your dentist should be willing to introduce themselves and tell your child what is going to happen before it happens so that they can understand how a dental cleaning works.

Dentist-should-offer-your-child-good-toothpaste - Kenosha Dentist

2. Good flavors of toothpaste.

It might sound silly to an adult, but kids really value a good-tasting toothpaste. Remember how you used to look forward to going into that one store where you always got a peppermint or other tasty treat? Simply offering toothpaste that doesn’t taste weirdly clinical can change everything for a child when it comes to dealing with the dentist.

Dentist-should-offer-your-child-live-view - Kenosha Dentist

3. Your dentist should offer your child the opportunity to watch.

If you are like most adults, you don’t want to see inside your mouth while it’s being cleaned. If you are like most kids, however, you do. You want to see everything. Dr. Crawford makes that possible with a live camera view of your child’s mouth that keeps them in the loop throughout the cleaning.

Dentist-should-offer-your-child-fluoride-treatment - Kenosha Dentist

4. Fluoride treatments that don’t ruin your day.

If your child has never asked you if they could “pretty please” get a fluoride treatment at the dentist, your dentist probably doesn’t offer watermelon fluoride. They should! See #2…

5. The opportunity to have fewer office visits.

Dentist-should-offer-your-child-fewer-visits - Kenosha Dentist

When your child gets their six-year molars, your dentist should offer your child (and you) the chance to have sealants placed on these teeth. This helps prevent cavities and other oral problems, which means you have to come see us far less often!

If you are thinking of moving away from your current pediatric dentist or if you have never taken your child to the dentist, contact Dr. Crawford’s office for a great overview of why pediatric dental appointments matter and how to lay healthy groundwork for a lifetime of dental health. You can find it all at


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