March 6

Affordable dental implants Kenosha – world class services in small budget

Medical treatment is not cheap, and when it comes to dental implants and good treatment, it’s a whole other story. Fortunately, a dental clinic in Kenosha called Pat Crawford offers only the highest standards of dental care at an affordable price. At Pat Crawford clinic, we offer not only cost-effective treatments but patients have the option to upgrade their treatment by using the latest technologies in dentistry.

  • We are known for our usage of advanced technology and our friendly atmosphere. Our staff and dentist’s top priority is to ensure our patients receive the best and most comforting experience.
  • We offer economical services, which are very affordable and efficient.
  • Our offices don’t only offer dental services but we also provide counseling and guidance for dental related issues.

Why Pat Crawford?


In the medical world, proper use of technology is very essential because it helps the professional to do their work more efficiently. At Pat Crawford’s, we understand you have high standards when it comes to your smile, and thus we meet them with care that is tailored to your specific preferences and expectations. We can ensure you receive only top-notch services for all our dental treatments.

Amiable atmosphere

Our staff is always very welcoming and our mission is to make each and every patient happy and comfortable. We ensure our patients feel right at home and are taken care of during every single step of their treatment. At Pat Crawford’s patients receive special attention, which is not very common in other dental offices.


At Pat Crawford we offer exceptionally low prices for treatments. If you want to learn more about our treatment pricing, please visit our website. Our clinic is located in Kenosha, which is conveniently close to anyone who lives in the area.

The clinic aims to help those in need for dental related issues, and ensures their patients leave with a happier and healthier smile. Contact our offices to get an affordable dental implants Kenosha today!



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