Air Abrasion (Drilless Dentistry) in Kenosha

In place of a drill or hand-piece, Dr Crawford uses a spray machine that sprays 25 micron sand particles at the tooth to get rid of cavities. This saves tooth structure because it’s smaller than a drill and takes off less extra enamel. So when you have a cavity, you don’t have to get a large amount of your tooth drilled out. We can just use the sand spray to get rid of the cavity without getting rid of more enamel (bone) than necessary. The other benefit of our air abrasion machine is that you don’t have to get numbed because the sand spray doesn’t hurt like a drill. This is great for children and sensitive patients. Another benefit is that air abrasion takes less time to finish the job. Thus, it doesn’t hurt, it does a better cleaning, and it saves you time. If you think you might have a cavity, come on in.


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