Look no further than Dr. Patrick Crawford if you’re looking for the best dentist in Kenosha, WI. With more than 20 years of technical expertise, an affable demeanor, cutting edge equipment, and an innate desire to help and motivate the patients, he is the top Kenosha, WI dentist you can get.

Visits to the dentist are usually despised by people worldwide — and that’s for a good reason. Many dentists are highly impatient and follow outmoded techniques to handle their patients. This results in two negative repercussions — long waiting time for patients and doctors outsourcing their work to less experienced people to meet the high demand. Due to a lack of sufficient expertise on the hired doctors’ part, patients usually have an extremely unpleasant experience. Effectively, the doctors, despite having the skill to serve, provide a shoddy experience as their greed for money far

surpasses their urge to render their services to the society. And dentistry, being one of the most lucrative fields to cash in, sates their desire to the fullest.

Pat Crawford DDS - Team Photo

Dr. Patrick Crawford, who runs a local Kenosha Dental Clinic in Wisconsin, after a careful analysis of all the previously mentioned problems, decided to revamp the entire system right from the ground up. Driven by a strong aspiration to remove the blemish tarnishing the reputation of dentistry, he started out by embracing technology and giving due value to a humane treatment of all his patients. As soon as you step into his dental practice, you will be greeted by an air of geniality. The whole staff of his dental office is well motivated and have been properly imparted the ideology of Dr. Patrick Crawford to ensure that they receive the patients with utmost care and friendliness. As a result, there hasn’t been a single complaint against the staff of Dr. Crawford for years. The clinic, being well within the boundaries of Kenosha, WI, is easily accessible and the surroundings offer by a very positive externality. We can assure you that you won’t get so kind a treatment not only from the other dentists in Kenosha, WI but anywhere in the US. Many people drive from Illinois and Milwaukee just to see Dr. Crawford.

Pat Crawford DDS employs the latest equipment and keeps up with the latest advancements in dentistry to efficiently cater the needs of patients. As soon as you enter the doctor’s room, you’ll notice a huge 70 inch screen providing a live feed taken from the cameras placed inside the patient’s mouth. Not only that; a quick walk through his Kenosha dental office reveals that Dr. Crawford employs better equipment and provides better facilities than any other Kenosha dentists. Another reason to pick the best!

Dr. Crawford has one of the best credentials a dentist can have with two honors programs — Honors Perio (Honors in Periodontics) and Honors Operatives. In addition to that, he also stood first in his class from Loyola Dental School. The credentials are the best proof to show that Dr. Crawford is an extremely talented, resourceful and a dedicated dentist in Kenosha Wisconsin whose interest in dentistry has its origins right from his childhood.

If you compare the prices charged by different dentists in Kenosha Wisconsin, you will instantly realize that Dr. Crawford offers the most affordable dental care. He has the best price to offer without a compromise in the quality of service. So, you’re essentially getting a lower costing treatment that’s more humane, technically up-to-date and administered by a doctor with a very strong work ethic.

In addition to the basic treatment given by other dentists at Kenosha, WI, Dr. Crawford also has the skill to perform surgical work on a wide range of problems right from Orthodontics and Periodontics, to complex treatments like root-canals, Apicoectomy, or virtually any other Oral surgery. So visit Dr. Crawford and book your appointment today!



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