December 1

Can Dental Implants Work for You?

For one reason or another, you may find one of your teeth has been removed. Perhaps it fell victim to bacteria, it was broken by trauma down to the root, or any number of things that’s resulted in a gap between two healthy teeth, still in your mouth. What do you do? First, you contact one of the best dentists in Kenosha. That’s Pat Crawford, who specializes in dental implants for any type of implant type. From same day dental implants to longer, more intensive procedures, Dr. Crawford is the best choice in the Kenosha area for your dental health and long term happiness.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants generally have two parts: the actual implant and the crown to go on top. The implant acts as an inorganic root, to replace the one that was lost (in some situations the removal of the tooth may actually be the first step in the implant process). As for that implant, the jawbone lacks nerves, so pain isn’t a factor, despite some people’s fears when they hear the phrase implant. After this, a crown to match the other teeth is placed over top and it’s as good as any natural tooth in your mouth!

Same Day Dental Implants

Perhaps your tooth is already removed, or maybe the implant procedure doesn’t need quite the usual root implant. Same day dental implants are exactly what they sound like. They use smaller implants, sometimes known as micro-implants and require less work and recovery time. Only your doctor will be able to accurately diagnose your issue and whether you need full implants or same day, smaller implants. No matter what you need, Dr. Crawford’s 25 years of experience make him one of the best dentists Kenosha, Wisconsin.

If you want a consultation for your dental implant needs, give us a call at (262) 649 9436 and start your path towards good dental hygiene today!



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