CEREC Same Day Crowns in Kenosha, WI

When it comes to ensuring that your teeth are in good condition, it’s vital that you see to small issues before they become larger problems. One prime example of this can be seen with microscopic fractures in your teeth, which can easily break or lead to greater concerns when they aren’t taken care of. Luckily, CEREC technology provides patients with the opportunity to get fitted for a crown on the same day as they visit their dental provider. With CEREC same day crowns, you can avoid making multiple trips to the dentist and ensure that your teeth are stable and secure.

Who Is An Ideal Patient For CEREC Same Day Crowns?

There are a variety of different patients who may need to rely on CEREC same day crowns. In some cases, patients put off visiting the dentist for years at a time, which may result in them not realizing that they have sustained damage to the teeth. Another situation that dentists see a lot of are those that accidently chip their tooth on a piece of food like a popcorn kernel or other hard candy, which results in them needing emergency care. Whatever the situation may be, CEREC technology can resolve the problems.

What Are CEREC Same Day Crowns?

CEREC same down crowns are a new technology that allows your dentist to fit you for a crown during your visit to their office. This process begins by taking an impression of your teeth with a digital CAD/CAM machine, which can ensure that we have the perfect fit to make a mold for your teeth. After doing so, the computer can then begin milling your new tooth and have a finished product while you are still at the dental office. Once the new tooth is made, the dentist can then place it in your mouth and you’ll be able to go about your day with a stronger and more secure oral structure.

What Are The Benefits Of CEREC Same Day Crowns?

Most people don’t have the time that it takes to visit the dentist. In fact, most people find it difficult enough just to visit the dentist twice a year, let alone multiple times over the course of a few weeks in order to get their tooth repaired. Luckily, CEREC same day crowns eliminate the requirement for multiple visits. Knowing that they can get fitted for a crown in just one day inspires many people to quickly get their dental issues fixed in a more timely fashion, which can then save the remaining structure of the mouth.

In addition to a timely turnaround, CEREC same day crowns also can be made with a composite material that closely resembles the same color as your natural teeth. For those that are avoiding a visit to the dentist because they don’t want a gold or silver crown in their mouth, CEREC composite crowns are the ideal alternative.

Contact Your Dentist in Kenosha, Wisconsin Today

If you are interested in learning more about CEREC same day crown technology, talk to your dentist today. They will help you determine whether or not this treatment is right for you, and they can even fit you for your new crown today if you decide that’s the route you want to go.


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