October 27

Complete Dental Implants and Restoration in Kenosha

Are you looking into getting dental implants somewhere in the Kenosha area? The implant process can be a scary one for first timers, and even those who’ve gone through it before need to get all the facts. What exactly are dental implants? Well, for any number of reasons you may find yourself a tooth short, whether it’s the result of decay, trauma, or disease. A dental implant acts as a replacement root for any filler teeth you put in.

And our dental office in Kenosha, Wisconsin can be your one-stop shop for the entire implant procedure. In fact, Dr. Pat Crawford has become renowned in the Kenosha area for his expert dental implant work. In some cases the office is even able perform a mini implant which allows for the crown to go on all in one procedure.

What are the advantages?

Self-Esteem: It’s no secret that visible damage in the smile is one of the number 1 things that causes people to suffer from a blow of self-esteem and we think nothing should put a damper on your smile, especially if we can fix it.

Easier time at Meals: Missing teeth can be a real hassle at dinnertime and you shouldn’t have to limit your social outings or family dinners because of missing teeth. We can get your teeth ready for meal time again.

Restored Comfort: Whether you’ve been dealing with a gap from a missing tooth or have been using dentures, you’ll find much more comfort in our permanent implants which became part of your mouth. No more taking fake teeth in and out, these are your teeth.

Better Durability: Unlike dentures, these teeth will last you longer, through all sorts of wear. Your favorite food, cold beverages, talking for hours, our implants are made to last.

Dr. Pat Crawford is a respected and tested Kenosha dentist ready to help you with any implant needs.

Call (262) 649-9436 to get information and set up an appointment today!


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