Dental Cleanings in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Inner diagram of tooth with nerves

To maximize utility, it’s recommended that you come in for a cleaning every six months and at the very least, once per year. We do the following cleaning:

  • Adult Cleanings: We do basic six month cleanings. All the way from gum surgery performed by Dr. Crawford to scalings with anesthetic by Melissa. We don’t have to send out any of our work. If we diagnose it, we can treat it.
  • Child Cleanings: To keep the cleanings tasting good, we use different flavored polishing paste and yummy tasting fluoride treatments. You can choose from a variety of flavors form watermelon to mint. We also use intra-oral cameras that show you and your kids a live camera view of your mouth. Thus, you can see exactly what’s going on and where your unseen cavities are! In addition, our hygienists, Melissa and Jennifer, can place sealants on 6 year molars. So far, the kids love these cleanings, and we haven’t had a complaint in more than 4 years!

Remember, the goal of cleanings is to prevent cavities and other oral problems. That’s because preventing is easier and more efficient than having to treat a problem later down the road. We provided this informative info-graphic for you to get an idea of what a healthy tooth looks like. If you’re due for a cleaning, click the button below to set an appointment.


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