The most common extractions are for wisdom teeth. Luckily for you, Dr. Pat Crawford is very skilled at pulling teeth without you feeling much of anything, and we don't put people to sleep (putting people to sleep is high risk, time consuming, and not as healthy). We just numb you really well to make sure there is no pain. How can we do that?

We have the best technology. We have a tool that vibrates at the same time that the numbing injection is inserted, so you barely feel anything. This is because the vibrations naturally take your brain's focus off the single nerve where single injection hits...thus there's about 10xs less pain than there normally would be for an extraction. Plus, we don't have to refer out any extractions so we can take you out of pain and solve your problem immediately.

If you are considering an extraction or need a free consultation to figure out what is best for you, just request an appointment.