Why We Don't Use Silver Amalgum Fillings

Dr. Crawford threw his amalgam material away over 20 years ago. Amalgum fillings create pressures on your natural tooth structure every time you bite on them.  Over time, these pressures can cause fractures and leaking around the fillings.  Tooth colored fillings and 3/4 Crowns do not create those pressures.  So we don't do silver or amalgam fillings because they are 50% mercury, and that's unhealthy.

Next Generation Fillings

Now we use 17 generation bonding material to chemically bond resin to the tooth. We use 3M bonding agents, and ultradent curing lights to harden the resin so the filling sticks. These new fillings last longer than amalgam and are much healthier. The beauty of fillings is that they allow you to have a shield on your tooth instead of having to replace the tooth or letting a cavity-damaged area be exposed. Fillings are great, and Dr. Crawford used the latest technology and bonding agents to produce fillings that last a long time. To see if you need some fillings, come on in.


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