August 26

How Do I Know If I Need Dental Implants?

What are dental implants - How do I know if I need dental implants - Kenosha Dentist

When you look in the mirror and notice your missing tooth, you may not realize that dental implants can replace it and give you back your healthy smile. That’s because people don’t know much about implants and have misconceptions that they’re painful and complicated when the opposite is true.

Let’s take a look at what implants are and who can benefit most from them.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is made of a titanium screw or post that replaces the root of the tooth. The crown is later placed on top to look like the tooth and cover it. When you’re wondering, is there a dentist near me in Kenosha who can answer my questions about dental implants? The answer is yes! Dr. Pat Crawford can tell you more about dental implants and whether or not you’re a good candidate.

Who Benefits From Dental Implants?

Patients who have missing teeth due to decay, illness or accident, may be good candidates for dental implants. But, they must also have strong enough gums and bone structure to support the implant.

Many people who end up getting dental implants not only get an improved smile but are also able to chew better and even speak better because they have a full set of teeth once again. If you do need a dental implant, feel confident that as long as you take care of it, it should last a lifetime.

Where Can I Find A Dentist Near Me In Kenosha?

If you think you can benefit from dental implants and have been asking yourself, where can I find a dentist near me in Kenosha who can help? Look no further than Dr. Pat Crawford. Dental implants are one of his specialties. He can explain the process to you as well as how his office uses our two Cerec machines to mill your implants right in our lab.  This significantly reduces the time required to create your dental implant. Dr. Crawford is highly experienced when it comes to dental implants and will explain how easy the process can be.

Call Dr. Pat Crawford at 262-649-9436 or fill out this online form. Dr. Crawford can take care of all your dental needs, so you won’t have to ask, is there a dentist near me in Kenosha? , because you’ll already have a top-notch dentist on your side.


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