How a Dirty Mouth Can Cause Heart Disease

This may come as a shock to many of you. Bad breath may not only give a heart attack to the person in front of you (figuratively) but may also lead to heart diseases (literally). Many people associate bad breath with rotten teeth, acidity, a high garlic meal or just lack of brushing. Usually these factors are ignored unless you have an important meeting or a date. The leading cause for bad breath is the bacteria in your mouth. They breakdown small food particles that escape notice which releases certain gasses and hence leads to a bad smell. They may also start breaking down your teeth and gums and this is where you enter the danger zone.

Our mouth contains a broad spectrum of bacteria. One particular bacterium is the major cause of bad breath and that is the anaerobic bacterium. Anaerobic bacterium produces sulphur proteins in the mouth that leads to bleeding and swollen gums. This is where the problem arises. As already mentioned, the mouth contains various bacteria and they all act differently to produce different gases and liquids in the mouth. Some of these products tend to react and the output is usually toxic matter. In the mouth this toxic matter may not prove harmful but in case of bleeding gums it may be dangerous. The toxic material enters the blood stream via the bleeding gums and spreads through your system. Two things may happen in such a case. The toxin may find a way to reach your brain through the blood stream, in which case one may suffer from a stroke which in-turn weakens the heart, or the toxin may directly enter the heart and cause various cardiovascular diseases.

More than ninety percent of the heart diseases have oral symptoms. Usually when doctors are checking for signs of a heart disease, they look for symptoms in the oral cavity that may give them a hint or guide them to the possibility of heart diseases. Chronic bad breath and bad taste, among others like swelling, bleeding etc, is a sign of a potential heart problem. Many a times, improper oral health can lead to cholesterol build up in the system and ultimately cause further cardiovascular problems.

Another contributing factor to bad breath that links to heart disease is cigarette smoking or tobacco. Chronic smokers are at a greater risk of heart diseases than others as they take-in a lot if impurities and bacterial by-products along with every drag of the cigarette. Chewing tobacco ensures that bacteria enter your blood stream and further leads to risks of heart diseases.

Having explained how bad breath causes heart diseases, it is important to understand that prevention is better than cure and the various steps that can be taken to prevent it in the first place. First and foremost is regular brushing. One needs to brush for a few minutes twice a day. One should also floss so as to remove plaque stuck in-between teeth that usually becomes a breeding ground for bacterium. A good mouth wash can also be used after every meal. Cutting down on smoking and tobacco can do wonders to your oral health as well as your heart condition. Having high fibre food rich in vitamin A and C can prevent bleeding gums that is the root cause for this. Visit a dentist regularly to keep a check on your oral hygiene and in case you have a rotten tooth then it should be extracted at the earliest so that it doesn’t spread to other teeth and ultimately your gums. In addition to this, a good diet and regular exercise can keep your heart healthy and ensure you live a comfortable and tension-free life.

How is Poor dental Hygiene Connected to Heart Disease?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in both men and women, which has in turn caused many scientists and doctors to look into the cause. Heart disease can be hereditary, but it can also be caused by life choices. Some people choose to eat unhealthy foods that can clog arteries and cause heart disease. Some choose to smoke, which can again cause heart disease and clog arteries, and others choose to have poor oral hygiene which can be linked to heart disease.

Many people are unaware of how important oral hygiene is and how poor hygiene can actually be linked to heart disease. Dentists and doctors are not just trying to scare you into flossing and brushing appropriately…there really is a link.

If you do not regularly visit the dentist and you have poor teeth you may want to read this information. Your mouth is breeding grounds for bacteria to grow because it is a warm moist place. In fact your mouth is able to produce and be a home to 700 different types of bacteria. If the bacteria are in your mouth it can also enter your blood stream. The bacterium that is found in your mouth is linked to the bacteria that can attack your heart causing heart disease and even heart attacks.

Scientists say that it does not matter how fit you are. You could be a person that exercises and eats right on a regular basis, but are still prone to heart disease if you have poor oral hygiene. This is scary news for smokers and people that chew tobacco. Chewing tobacco and smoking are huge factors in oral hygiene. Smoking and chewing tobacco can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and even mouth cancer. All of these problems are part of the poor oral hygiene scientists, doctors, and dentists warn against.

To ensure that you are practicing good oral hygiene and you are staying heart healthy you should brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss with each brushing. Many people forget to floss, but this is one very important step to maintaining oral hygiene. Brushing alone is not able to get all of the food particles out from your teeth. The food that gets stuck between your teeth can really increase the different bacteria that grow in your mouth.

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