Why Dentist Visits Can Reduce Stress

There are some people out there who periodically have their teeth whitened by their local dentist so that they can maintain an attractive, white smile.  However, due to the rough economy that we live in today, many of us don’t have the disposable income to do so. It’s more of a luxury than a necessity.

A brighter, healthier-looking smile always makes for a good first impression.  If you can’t afford to occasionally have your teeth whitened, don’t worry.  There are certain things that you can do on your own to make sure your smile stays bright, and I’m going to give you some pointers below. 

  1. Be sure to brush your teeth three times a day after each meal.  If you don’t have time in the middle of the day, then make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  2. While flossing can sometimes be more time consuming than brushing, it’s vital that you floss once a day.  If possible, try to floss before you go to bed, as this is the best time to do so.
  3. Another way you can maintain a white smile is by having regular dental check-ups every six months (twice a year).  Dental hygienists have certain tools that can clean your teeth a lot more thoroughly than a regular toothbrush.  Not even an electric toothbrush can clean teeth as well as the tools they use at the dentist.
  4. f you’re a smoker, and you want to keep a healthy, bright-looking smile, then I highly recommend you quit.  Cigarettes are full of tar and will stain your teeth.  They also create more plaque buildup, which can cause gum disease.  Plus they give you bad breath, and no one wants to be around someone who has bad breath.
  5. Coffee, red wines, and colas can also stain your teeth.  Try to cut back if possible.
  6. Try to use toothpaste that has baking soda and whitening elements in it.  Believe it or not, there really are certain toothpastes that can condone whiter teeth.
  7. Another way you can keep a white smile is by eating healthier.  Try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and stay away from processed food and fatty snacks, as they tend to stain teeth more easily than healthier foods.

While these aren’t the only things you can do to maintain a white smile, these will certainly give you a head start.  Please do your smile a favor and take advantage of these natural teeth whitening tips that I’ve shared with you.  You’ll be glad you did.

These 7 tips were authored by Bryan, who is an avid writer for the Schuman Center…a group of St. Louis Dentists that specialize in teeth whitening. If you live in the Kenosha area, come visit Dr. Pat Crawford for a whitening and/or a cleaning.


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