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Here are Some of Our Most Recent Patient Reviews

Amazing! I had not been to a dentist since retiring from USN in ’97. Searching for one I found Dr. Crawford and read the reviews.
The people, environment and service… simply amazing. Quality across the board and worth every penny. Thank you so much!

I find initial visits to new dentists intimidating, but not with Dr. Crawford. His office staff was welcoming and Dr. Crawford did an exceptional job of putting me at ease with his welcoming smile and explanations of what he planned to do and the reasoning behind it. On top of that, he tried to be as cost-effective as possible!

Safe. Secure. Trustworthy. These are the things that I associate with Pat Crawford’s dental office. I’ve been a patient since I was in high school and even though I recently moved an hour away from the office for work, I still am a loyal patient. Pat Crawford’s office is worth the drive.

The staff is not only polite and professional, they’re friendly. When I was in high school they always asked about my classes, the same when I was in college. Now that I’m a professional, they are still invested in me as a person, not just as a set of teeth they have to clean. Dr. Crawford truly values life long relationships with his patients.

I had not seen a dentist since retiring from the Navy 16 years ago. No insurance and I got an appointment same day (lucky) for an aching tooth from a 30 year old filling that had worn down. The people, office, setting and service was simply amazing.

Dr. Crawford blew away all my hesitations about a dentist office. The technique and results were… well, amazing. Technology and materials have come a long way since I was in an office and the results were worth every penny. I do not put up reviews. Dr. Crawford and his office deserves the highest accolades. Thank you and I look forward to return visits!!