Kiss Away Your Dental Issues

If you had been visiting your dentist regularly, you wouldn’t be spending so much on your dental bills. Studies show that kissing can improve your oral health and further protect your teeth.

How kissing helps your teeth

First off, kissing your loved one deeply will increase the flow of saliva, which, in turn, ensures the health of your mouth, teeth and gums. You see, 80 percent of the bacteria in saliva are common to all people while 20 percent is unique to every individual. While kissing, a couple exchanges saliva, stimulating each other’s immune system and creating antibodies to fight “foreign” bacteria. As a result, you won’t be developing cavities very often.

Another benefit of increased saliva production is lesser risk of tooth decay. More saliva quickly neutralizes acids and removes any food particles stuck in between teeth. As a result, the bacteria in plaque won’t be able to grow, your teeth will be safe from decay and costly treatments like root canals.

More saliva flowing through your mouth also delivers more mineral salts, proteins and electrolytes to your teeth. These are essential for rebuilding the tooth enamel, which is the hard substance protecting the inner layers of your teeth. As your tooth enamel grows stronger, tooth erosion will no longer endanger your teeth.

Finally, a boost in your saliva production eliminates the risk of developing dry mouth, a condition that occurs as a side effect of medications, infections, dehydration and habits like smoking. As harmless as this issue may sound, it is definitely a problem since it may lead to gingivitis (gum disease), oral infections and tooth decay. Even after losing your teeth due to these issues, dentures won’t be a feasible option since dry mouth prevents them from staying in place. So make sure to get some sugar from your sweetheart to avoid this problem.

However, the benefits of kissing for your teeth don’t end there. Kissing indirectly helps you boost your oral hygiene. How, you ask? Well, knowing that you’re about to lock lips with someone you love is bound to make you conscious about your teeth, gums and breath. Therefore, you’re bound to brush your teeth before leaving on a date, floss in case a chunk of your lunch is wedged in between your pearly whites, and either chew on sugar-free gum or slush around mouthwash. With time, these small steps are bound to become habits and your oral hygiene will be impeccable.

Warning: Don’t Kiss Just Anyone!

Before you put down your device or switch off your computer to get a kiss, be forewarned. You can’t kiss just anyone in hopes of eliminating your dental problems. If your partner doesn’t practice good oral hygiene, you may be at the risk of gingivitis. Symptoms of gum disease usually rear their ugly head within three weeks without brushing. Then, when you kiss someone who is oblivious of their gingivitis-infected gums, their saliva will transfer the bacteria to you, bringing along a lot of pain and bleeding if you choose to delay visiting your dentist. This doesn’t mean that you should drag your date to your dentist to check if they’re kissable. You can easily slip a few oral health questions before you lean in for a kiss.

Let your teeth get so many kisses in the future

Now that you know why and who you should kiss, you may need a few tips to ensure the health of your teeth and guarantee locking lips in your future often. And who better to advise you in this regard than your own dentist Dr. Pat Crawford. So here are a few things you can do to make your mouth a kiss magnet:

  • If your teeth are losing their healthy white color, getting a kiss may be difficult. So consider undergoing teeth whitening. You will impress potential dates or your spouse, and your employer will appreciate the effort you put into your appearance by rewarding you with a better job or a raise.
  • Avoid turning your kisser off by filling any gaps in your mouth. Get dental implants to replace broken or missing teeth or cover holes made by cavities with filling or crowns.
  • Visit your dentist for regular cleaning. This way, you can avoid many problems that can grow into full-fledged diseases.
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions for brushing your teeth and flossing them. Also don’t forget to befriend your mouthwash to keep your teeth healthy and kiss-worthy.

Stick to these recommendations and your supply of kisses won’t be ending soon.

If you need a free consultation to figure out what is best for you, just request an appointment.


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