July 14

Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry Busted

Cosmetic surgery is a beautification process people undergo to distance themselves from social stigmas and stereotypes. However, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry,  even people who are in dire need of teeth restoration are easily put off because of the myths and rumors that surround it.

Dr Patrick Morrissey believes that there are many misconceptions about cosmetic dentistry amongst patients. But there is clear evidence that it  is actually beneficial for you in some circumstances. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to restore and fix flaws in your teeth. For example, gaps between teeth and discolored teeth are some of the problems that can be fixed by cosmetic dentistry. This along with a variety of flaws can actually be fixed through cosmetic dentistry. For now, let’s bust a few cosmetic dentistry myths:

1. It is Expensive

Yes, patients with yellow teeth have been complaining about that for ions. But this isn’t entirely true as rates can vary from dentist to dentist . Its up to you to choose the one you can afford. Also, in most cases, you are not required to pay your dentist in one go. Seek a dentist you can afford and you can’t go wrong. Lastly, the cost depends on the number of procedures you choose to undergo. Some are cheap – teeth whitening can be as low as $60 with at-home kits – while some are expensive. It’s better to consult your dentist and discuss the cost.

2. It Hurts

Gone are the days when dental procedures used to hurt. Now thanks to the help of sedatives, pain can be taken care of. Plus, not all cosmetic dentistry procedures are painful. Some can be done without any pain as require no intensive surgery. Also, your dentist will recommend painkillers should you feel any postoperative discomfort once the anesthesia wears off.

3. It is Not Necessary

This just isn’t true, as the dentist is the best person to judge whether you need to undergo treatment or not. A chipped tooth, for example, can look harmless but poses a number of oral health risks So before you make any decisions on your own, take your dentist’s advice seriously and plan your next appointment accordingly.

4.Temporary Relief

Patients are already reluctant to opt for cosmetic dentistry because of their allegedly high costs. We know that’s not entirely true, nor is the myth about getting ‘temporary relief’ only. While some of the procedures may be temporary, a number of dental procedures offer permanent solutions

These myths have officially been debunked and the next time you think you need cosmetic dentistry but don’t know what you’re in for, do not hesitate to seek the opinion of a seasoned dentist.

Call us now at (503) 683-7484 if you still are unclear about cosmetic dentistry, as Dr Patrick will be present with the answers to all your questions!



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