New Dental Technology in 2013 – Making The Patient’s Experience Better


Technology makes life simpler in today’s time, Oral health and hygiene is one such segment. With every passing day there are technological advancements happening which benefit us in one way or the other. These advancements are useful for schools, hospitals and also a lot of advancements are happening in the dental field with the help of modern machinery.

A modern finding in the field of dental technology is DVD glass.  The technique is highly useful in dental treatment making the patient more comfortable.  There are iPhone apps which are also helpful in supporting patient’s level of comfort, by helping schedule appointments. Another breakthrough is the digital X-Rays, they are responsible for giving a great amount of clarity in the result and upgrading the quality of dental service. These useful breakthroughs in the field of dental technology have a positive impact on patient experience and treatment with high standard.

Here are some useful current breakthroughs in the dental field that are helping patients:



A technology that is up to the minute, facilitating the dentists in the process of fabricating and dental restoration work is known as CEREC. This technology  utilizes digital camera images with the help of a special camera. This image is transformed into a 3dimentional model of the tooth through computerization.  This model works as a template or base for restoration process to continue. Based on this new model the actual restoration work is done. This modern CEREC technology helps bring down the waiting time of the client along with lowering the expenses of both the dentist as well as the patient and most importantly it also reduces the use of anesthesia.


DVD Glasses

An innovative way of keeping the patients occupied through their dental appointment is by making them watch movies. The DVD is extremely useful in distracting the patient’s attention from the dental work.  This also has another advantage, nervous and over-anxious patients too are relaxed with the use of DVD during dental procedure.


Digital X-Rays

The digital X-Rays are very useful in replacing the older X-Ray machines as they are more accurate and give a detailed view. These are also very environment friendly in comparison to the old x-ray images. There is a big difference between the two outputs.


IPhone apps used in Dental Procedures

The new enhancement to your dental appointment is an iPhone as more and more individuals are addicted to this technology.  You can indulge in a huge number of activities while you are using your iPhone right from being in the dentist’s chair to reaching there. Making a dentist’s appointment for one is extremely simple and stress free through your iPhone, you can also find additional information regarding your dental treatment and locate the clinic through your iPhone.

These modern and extremely innovative technologies are ensuring that we are making our lives richer. Velscope, CT Scanners, Nucalm and Diagnodent are just a few useful modern dental technologies.  You cannot really stay away from this modern impetus of technology.

Dr. Pat Crawford uses and applies all these strategies. A mobile app will be in the works soon, but other than that, he’s been using the best dental technology ever since he took over the practice in 1988.

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