Next Generation TMJ

Suffering from TMJ pain? We’ve got good news: At last, there’s an effective alternative to uncomfortable and inconvenient bite splints. Introducing TMJ NextGeneration – a patented, FDA-cleared solution that is clinically proven to significantly decrease TMJ discomfort. Best of all, unlike bite splits, TMJ NextGeneration’s custom-made ear canal inserts are comfortable, discreet, and can provide you with relief all day long.

Worn Comfortably – All Day, Every Day
Many people rely on bite splits, even though they aren’t nearly as comfortable as many patients would like. When it comes to TMJ pain; many patients assume that, although uncomfortable, at least bite splints relieve the severe pain that can be felt in the jaw and mouth. However, NextGeneration custom ear canals help to alleviate the pain, while also being comfortable and unnoticeable by patients who wear them.

No Interference With Eating Or Talking
Another issue that patients feel with bite splints is that they can affect an individual’s ability to eat or speak properly. This is because the splints are inserted in the mouth, which can make it difficult to freely move like normal. However, since NextGeneration ear canal inserts are located in the ear, patients do not experience the same amount of interference when taking part in many normal activities.

Unnoticeable Care
Bite splints can also be incredibly annoying because they are noticeable whenever a patient opens his or her mouth. This can add to extreme levels of self-consciousness, which can wreak havoc on your personal and professional relationships. However, because NextGeneration ear canals are so discrete, those around you will hardly even notice that they are in place. You’ll be able to get back to living normally and being lively in conversations, without the pain or personal discomfort that comes from wondering whether or not people are staring at bite splints in your mouth.

No Nighttime Discomfort
Many patients who suffer from TMJ know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s rest. Add up too many of these nights in a row and your entire life could greatly suffer due to your inability to recharge at night. It’s recommended that bite splints are left in at night in order to help relieve TMJ while sleeping. However, bite splints are incredibly uncomfortable and can make it difficult to sleep. This is a lose-lose situation, as patients have to determine what they’d rather deal with: either the pain from their TMJ or the discomfort from bite splints. Luckily, the option does not have to be so black and white. Instead, NextGeneration provides a comfortable option that people can wear at night, which won’t disrupt their sleeping habits.

No Negative Effect On Your Bite
And because NextGeneration is not placed in the mouth, patients also won’t have to worry about any negative effects on their bite. This isn’t the case with bite splints, which can greatly change your bite in the future. With bite splints, not only do you have to worry about TMJ, but there are also concerns about your future oral health. Luckily, NextGeneration is the ideal alternative for those that want to have healthy and lasting oral health.

TMJ NextGeneration looks and feels like high-end hearing aid inserts. They are discreet, easy-to-wear or remove and are very comfortable. Ask your healthcare provider about a prescription for TMJ NextGeneration today.


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