Kenosha Onlays/Crowns

Dr. Pat Crawford is one of the only dentist in Wisconsin that doesn’t amputate the healthy tooth structure when restoring the Onlaysdiseased part of the tooth through an onlay. Other dentists amputate the healthy tooth into a full crown, which often kills the nerve and makes the patient need a root canal underneath a full crown. 85% of full crowned teeth have dying nerves and will need a root canal eventually. For every 1 millimeter of cut enamel, there are 30,000 tubals (canals) that go into the nerve. So with augmentation, which is the way Dr. Pat Crawford does his onlays, only the diseased part of the tooth is replaced with the restoration. Thus, augmentation saves tooth structure and   doesn’t bother nerves as much. Plus, there is a higher chance that you won’t have to get a full crown or root-canal later in life if the tooth needs more work. We get our onlay and crown materials from Bisco. Because we have our own Bisco oven that cooks the onlay material, we can get onlays done in one appointment.

Dr. Crawford is the only dentist in the area who is making zirconium crowns. They are a much stronger material than average crowns, and they are great for people who grind their teeth heavily.

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