Meth Detox Los Angeles

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Meth Detox Los Angeles

Meth Detox Los Angeles

Methamphetamine, usually referred to as meth, is a powerful stimulant derived from amphetamine. Amphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant used to treat narcolepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and obesity. Methamphetamine has a higher addiction risk and presents adverse effects on the body when abused. Worse, cases of overdoses are not unusual, with CDC reporting that fatal overdoses involving meth more than tripled between 2011-2016.

Like other stimulants, meth changes how the brain produces neurotransmitters associated with the reward circuit. When one stops using meth, the brain struggles to re-adjust to its natural functioning, triggering withdrawal and cravings. At Mariposa Detox Center, we provide the finest meth detox in Los Angeles to ease withdrawal symptoms and minimize cravings.

FAQs About Detoxing from Meth

The best meth addiction treatment program in Los Angeles starts with detoxification. So, what is meth detoxification, and what should you know about it? Here are answers to questions we receive concerning meth detox:

Why is Meth Detox Necessary?

Meth acts on the brain by blocking dopamine's reabsorption into the nerve cells and increasing its production. In the short term, this causes increased wakefulness and energy. Other effects include a rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure.

Long-term use of meth changes how the nerve cells communicate in the brain and alters their natural production. Detoxification is necessary to rid your body of meth, reduce the brain’s dependence on its effects, and help you overcome cravings.

What are the Symptoms of Meth Withdrawal?

Symptoms of meth withdrawal include fatigue, excessive sweating, paranoia, nausea, fever, anxiety, agitation, dehydration, and depression. The severity of meth withdrawal symptoms depends on how long you've been using meth and the amount you’ve been using.

What Does Meth Detox Include?

The first step in meth addiction treatment is a thorough evaluation. During your assessment, our addiction treatment specialists will review your medical history, ask for details concerning your substance use, and diagnose any co-occurring disorders.

With the information gathered from your evaluation, we'll be able to create an individualized detox program for crystal meth rehab in Los Angeles. For detox, we provide both physical and psychological care to counteract meth withdrawal symptoms. Once you complete meth detoxification, you’ll begin inpatient treatment at our California crystal meth rehab.

How Long Does Meth Detox Last?

Meth detox is provided during the initial stages of withdrawal when you’re at a high risk of relapse and undergoing uncomfortable symptoms. You may need detoxification during the first few days or weeks if you’re experiencing symptoms like abdominal cramps, severe depression, muscle aches, anxiety, and intense cravings. For many individuals, the worst symptoms fade after about 4 weeks, allowing them to transition from detox to rehab safely.

Top of the Line Medical Meth Detox Today

As a leading rehab center for meth addiction, we have the finest detoxification program that minimizes the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal. Our meth detox in Los Angeles will increase your chances of recovering successfully. Contact Mariposa Detox Center and take the first step toward your new life: 888-251-6968.

Meth Detox Los Angeles
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Meth Detox Los Angeles
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