Non 12 Step Treatment Lake Forest

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Non 12 Step Treatment Lake Forest

Non 12 Step Treatment Lake Forest

People with a substance use disorder can recover through treatment. After attending a rehab facility, you’ll have to continue working on your recovery to ensure lifelong sobriety. Unfortunately, around 50 percent of people who pursue recovery end up relapsing at some point, despite receiving addiction treatment.

Relapsing after putting in such effort can be disheartening and causes feelings of guilt. To better protect yourself from relapse, it's best to enroll in a top-rated rehab with high success rates. At Zoe Behavioral Health, we encourage guests to try our unexcelled non 12 step treatment in Lake Forest. This is an alternative to the popular 12 step rehab that might not be perfect for everyone.

If Something Isn’t Working for You, You Have to Try Something Different. We Have More than 100 Years of 12 Step Rehab, but 80%+ of People in Recovery Relapse. Obviously, We Need to Try Something Different. That’s Where Our Non 12 Step Rehab Comes In

Most people hear about the 12 step recovery program from their addiction rehab centers or friends and family who have tried it before. Usually, this approach is recommended since most individuals seeking sobriety attend the meetings.

12 step programs are meant to help you stay sober. However, just because they work for someone else doesn't mean they're suitable for you. Like other substance use disorder treatment methods, it's important to find an approach that fits your particular needs.

If you're looking for a support group after you've completed addiction treatment, you may benefit from a 12-step program. But if a spiritual approach to recovery isn't ideal for your needs and you prefer a more secular approach, then a non 12 step alcoholics anonymous might be a better alternative.

A Different Recovery Approach

Like the traditional 12-step approach, you’ll benefit from engaging in peer groups. In our non-12-step recovery program, you get to share your experiences with others who are also battling addiction. You’ll learn from their mistakes and achievements, allowing you to make the best decisions for your recovery.

Our non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab group meetings take place in a relaxed environment. We hold sessions outside, where you can enjoy the Southern California sunshine and fresh air. Such a setting makes you feel comfortable when socializing with other guests, allowing you to open up more and learn.

For many people who are not entirely on board with the principles of 12 step programs, relapse may be inevitable. That is because anything less than total commitment to your recovery makes you more vulnerable to using again.

Our non-12-step alcohol and drug rehab provides an all-inclusive setting where nobody feels left out. For our premier non-12-step recovery, we don’t take a spiritual or religious approach. Therefore, when you participate in our groups, you’ll not feel limited or pressured to believe in something you don’t agree with.

Finally, our top non 12 step holistic alcohol and drug rehab involves recovery methods such as yoga classes, giving you the chance to develop mindfulness and pursue self-discovery.

Top of the Line Non 12 Step Recovery Program

Deciding what’s perfect for you in addiction recovery can be hard, but we’re here to help. Our addiction treatment specialists will let you know if our non 12 step treatment in Lake Forest is ideal for you. Contact Zoe Behavioral Health for 24/7 admissions: (866) 507-1048.

Non 12 Step Treatment Lake Forest
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Non 12 Step Treatment Lake Forest
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