At Dr. Pat Crawford DDS, root canals are typically completed in one appointment. This advanced technology was invented by the Tulsa Dental Specialists. The benefit of this cutting-edge system is that it uses only one nickel-titanium files while returning better results. This allows for less time in the chair and more time doing the things you enjoy. Come in for a free consultation. Dr. Crawford is known for his incredible track record of successful root canals and other hard dental procedures that most other dentists have to refer out to "specialists". 

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The price of a root canal actually depends on the tooth, but generally, root canals cost somewhere in the range of $900-$1500. Again, it's hard to give exact pricing without the doctor diagnosing the problem. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that your insurance should cover the cost of root canals. Thus, the cost to you is really nothing, unless your insurance doesn't cover all of it - then you would have to pay the "co-pay".

But in most cases, insurances will cover the cost of root canals because it's on a need basis. Teeth whitening on the other hand is usually paid cash by our patients since you don't "need" teeth whitening to live a healthy life - whereas you would need a root canal.


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