September 28

Should you jump in piles of leaves?

It is just too much to resist. When there is a big pile of leaves on the lawn, you know your kids can’t resist jumping in there. If you have a dog, it probably can’t resist either. And no matter how old you are, if there is a big, tempting pile of leaves on the front lawn, you are probably thinking about jumping in there yourself. The staff at Pat Crawford, DDS certainly doesn’t want to interfere with your fall fun! But you may be wondering: just how safe it is to jump in that pile of leaves?


Sure, there may be some stray bugs that wandered into that leaf pile, but experts say that bugs don’t specifically seek out leaf piles for a place to live. By the time it gets cooler, many pests have moved on to warmer climates or are hibernating anyway.

You may be concerned about ticks if you live in an area where they are a problem. However, even they shouldn’t cause too much worry. Ticks aren’t attracted to leaf piles. If you are concerned about the odd tick invasion, the best way to make sure you don’t have ticks in your leaf pile is to rake leaves when the temperature is below 40 degrees and to avoid raking leaves near wooded areas where ticks live.


Many people have allergies not only in spring but also in fall, too. And unfortunately, jumping in piles of leaves may aggravate these allergies. Mold, which many people are allergic to, may grow in piles of damp leaves. Ragweed pollen, another allergen, may be stirred up when you jump in that pile as well. If you know that you have a problem with fall allergies, you might want to watch the fun from a distance. Or make sure you take that allergy pill before heading outside for fun!


Even if you aren’t concerned about pests and you aren’t allergic to anything, when running and jumping into that pile of leaves, you do need to be careful. After all, you never know what is under that pile. A gardening tool may have accidentally been left under those leaves, or maybe some leaves got piled up over some firewood. Even a child’s toy car can hurt when you are barreling into it at full speed!

So should you jump in that pile of leaves? It is better to be safe than sorry. Before jumping, make sure there are no hidden dangers under those leaves that may cause injury or pain. Other than that, enjoy this fun fall tradition!

If you do have an unfortunate leaf-pile accident, you can count on Pat Crawford DDS and the rest of the staff at his dental office to help in a dental emergency. If you have a chipped tooth, a tooth that has been knocked out, or pain in the jaw because you have run into a hidden danger in that pile, make an appointment with Dr. Crawford as soon as possible! Call the office at (262) 649-9436!



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