The Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Your teeth are as important as the other parts of the body for it perform a distinct role in food processing. The present condition of the teeth reflects the previous activities done by a certain person. The color of the teeth may indicate if it is well taken care of or not. In order to maintain healthy and strong teeth, you have to think of the best ways or methods to whiten them.

There are natural ways to whiten teeth, and there are cost effective ways as well. But you will soon discover the most inexpensive and effective methods. Find out as you read further.

Maintaining a bright white smile requires a constant and consistent process to achieve it. You may have learned several methods or dental processes to whiten your teeth but not all of them are suitable to you. Sometimes, it may harm them and result to unhealthy condition. The dentists may still recommend effective methods but there is a dentist in Kenosha who was able to discover the best way to whiten teeth naturally.

The main secret for an inexpensive natural home remedy for teeth whitening is the malic acid. It naturally acts as astringent to eliminate the surface discoloration. It is usually combined with a baking soda and the strawberries, which serve as natural tooth-cleaners that buff away the stains from coffee, dark sodas, as well as wine. This natural method is been suggested by Pat Crawford DDS, one of the best dentists in Kenosha. He has a premier dental clinic which is situated at Kenosha, Wisconsin. He has been committed to provide highest standards of teeth whitening and other concerns for dental care. He is known for using the most advanced technologies to treat dental problems and take good care of the teeth of his patients.

The malic acid is not a replacement for the bleaching treatment at the dentist’s office. It is another fast and cheap way to achieve a bright smile. This method is also supported by other dentists from both sectors of different parts of the world. However, they had also suggested not utilizing it too often as the enamel on the teeth might get damaged.

Dr. Pat Crawford DDS shared this helpful information to let everybody find a safe, cheap and effective way to whiten your teeth naturally. The process of using it is made simple and easy. The very first thing to do is to crush strawberries into pulp and mix it with baking soda until finally blended. Utilize soft toothbrush so that the mixture will spread easily to the teeth. Leave it on for about five minutes and then brush it thoroughly with your toothpaste to eliminate berry and baking soda mixture. Rinse your mouth with water afterwards. A little application of floss also helps avoid any of the strawberry seeds. This method can be applied once every week or more.

As a dentist in Kenosha, Dr. Patrick Crawford is committed to protecting the teeth of his patients while also recommending the best ways to whiten their teeth naturally. This method will definitely make a significant role in the teeth of all the people who use it.


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