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The Crawford Dental Difference

Dr. Patrick Crawford’s office  is your one-stop shop for all your dental needs. This premier dental clinic is located in Kenosha, Wis. At Dr. Patrick Crawford’s clinic, we understand that dental problems can be  painful. That’s why we use the most advanced technology to ensure your comfort and to make our treatments be as painless as possible. At Dr. Patrick Crawford’s office, we are passionate about our work and  friendly. When you visit our office, you will feel at home. It is our mission to make every patient feel welcome

Cleanliness is next to…

 Our work is efficient and less costly than other practices. We pride ourselves on having the latest dental technology, and that our office and dental treatment rooms meet and  exceed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s and American Dental Association’s recommended levels, so you can be sure that your health is protected. Each of our treatment rooms is sanitized between each treatment, and we ensure that all our equipment is sterilized in readiness for your visit.

Knowledge is Power

We want to involve you in every stage of your treatment. In your first visit, we will assess you and empower you with the knowledge you need to help you make the right decision. Before we embark on the treatment, we will select the procedure that best suits your need at the lowest cost possible. Dr. Pat Crawford has the experience to treat whatever dental problem you may have.

Complete Dental Care

Our services include air abrasion, drilless dentistry, botox treatment, bridges, cleanings, crowns, dentures, emergency dentistry, tooth extractions, fillings, implants, onlays, root canals and veneers.

If you are having trouble with your dentures or partials or are just uncomfortable with your bridge, you can visit us to fix the problem. If you are missing one or more teeth, come to us for an implant. Our implants will leave you with the best smile you have ever imagined. And they will fit so comfortably and securely that you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again

Rediscover your Smile

Even if you don’t have any decay problems with your teeth,  our cosmetic dentistry procedures will leave you with a sparkling smile and a beautiful look that will spur your self-confidence.  Dr. Pat Crawford will review your case and the cosmetic options that will provide you the best results. These options may include:

  • dental fillings;
  • dentures;
  • onlays;
  • veneers
  • implant-based restorations, and
  • teeth whitening.

Ask us about Air Abrasion, Drilless Dentistry

If you have a cavity, Dr. Crawford can fix it for you in a painless and efficient way. With air abrasion, we use a spray machine that sprays 25 micron sand particles at your tooth to get rid of the decayed parts of the tooth. This will save your tooth structure because it is smaller than a drill and takes off less extra enamel. In this procedure, you will not need to a local anesthetic because the spray doesn’t hurt or vibrate or even sound like a drill. It is a highly recommended option for children and sensory sensitive patients.

We do Botox!

If you want to take seven to ten  years off your age, you can visit us for our newly introduced botox treatment. Botox is a natural, purified protein that will relax the wrinkle-causing muscles to make you look younger. It will make you have a smooth and beautiful appearance that people will admire. It is an expensive procedure in most clinics but at Dr. Pat Crawford’s clinic you will get a fair deal.

Whatever dental problem you have, Dr. Patrick Crawford can help. You will walk out a different person than when you walked in and you won’t be afraid to look at  yourself in the mirror anymore. Visit us [get right to the action here] today and witness the change for yourself!


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