Having your wisdom teeth grow in can be harmful to your overall oral health. After years of adjusting, your adult teeth properly begin to form to your mouth and jaw once you lose all of your baby teeth. However, once your wisdom teeth grow in, which typically happens in your late teens or early twenties, the rest of your teeth can get pushed forward to make room for the new molars. It is important that you get these teeth taken care of as quickly as possible, and a dentist like Patrick Crawford can make this process as easy for you as possible.

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The biggest concern to have about incoming wisdom teeth is how misaligned they may come up. Because the rest of your teeth have already adjusted, wisdom teeth can protrude out of your gums either pointing inwards or outwards and, in some cases, even horizontal all together. Just thinking of having that happen in your mouth can give you a good idea of how painful the effects of wisdom teeth can be on your overall oral health.

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a process that a dentist should make as pain free and comfortable for you as possible. When you first get your wisdom teeth removed, you will need to get a general sedation in order to make it less painful for you and more easy to operate by your dentist. What makes it even better at the office of Pat Crawford is that he offers huge open windows that allow you to look into a beautiful wooded area during your oral surgery. Having your mind at ease and being relaxed is vital for having a successful dental procedure, and at Dr. Crawford’s, you can fulfill both needs.

For those that think that getting their wisdom teeth removed isn’t necessary, you may want to think again. Leaving your wisdom teeth in will push the other teeth in your mouth forward, leaving you with crooked and misaligned frontal teeth. Not only is this bad for your oral health, but you’ll also be looking at an extreme amount of pain every time you open or close your mouth, especially when you are eating food. This pain will only grow over time and make it difficult to do even the most simple of tasks, such as chew gum or eat soft foods. No matter what your tolerance for pain is, you should certainly consider not trying to ignore the pain that comes with needing to get your wisdom teeth out.

Not everyone has to get their wisdom teeth removed. However, that small percentage of people are the lucky minority and should not be considered the norm. Instead, once you reach your later teen years you can expect to need to get your wisdom teeth removed. To make the process much easier, you can consider making an appointment with Dr. Crawford sooner than later, in which case he can do an x-ray to tell you what your oral situation is looking like. The sooner you can get your wisdom teeth removed, the less likely they will have a lasting effect on your mouth and the more likely you are to not be sidelined by issues in the future.


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