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Surveys show that dental problems are common in all age groups from children to the elderly. It also pointed out that most of the problems are rising in the children. Some of the common dental problems are broken teeth, cavities, enamel erosion and dry mouth.


Common dental problems and Emergency Treatment

1. Dental Cavities

A common dental problem is tooth decay or cavity. It is mainly caused by a bacterial infection. The bacteria which form on the teeth after having a meal demineralise the solid materials and destroy the living matter on the teeth. The reason for this is due to the food we consume.

2. Bad Breath

Bad breath is also called Halitosis, one of the common dental problems. Bad breathe comes if you already suffering from the cavities, gum diseases, dry mouth and bacteria which is formed on the tongue. Bad breath may be caused due to various reasons e.g. because of the diet you take.  To avoid bad breathe you can use mouth wash and if the problem is still persistent, then it is better consult our Emergency Dentist in Kenosha WI to diagnose the actual cause of the problem. Never ignore bad breath.

3. Peridontal Gum Diseases

Many adults suffer from this type of dental problem. The mouth is full of bacteria and some other particles which are adhesive on teeth. With proper brushing this type of stickiness called plaque is removed from the teeth.  If the plaque is not removed from the teeth for a long time then it results in tartar, this tartar which is formed on the teeth cannot be cleaned by the normal brushing, it requires expert cleaning by the dentist.  The reasons for  gum diseases are illness diabetes, smoking, hormonal changes.

4. Oral Cancer

A cancer starts in a cell, which actually blocks the tissues growth. Generally cells grow and divide and form new cells, it is normal process, but in case of the cancers this division is very rapid and cannot be stopped. Theses oral cancers are also called the head and neck cancers. They develop in the oral cavity. Oral cancers start on the tongue. These cancers may also spread to other parts of the body.

Oral cancers may also lead to the lung cancer. To diagnose the  problem initially a biopsy is done, after knowing the stage or level of the cancer treatment is given. If it is in the primary stages radiation is given to the treat the cancer, if it is in the advanced stages then doctors may suggest for chemotherapy or the combination of the both.

Dental problems are chronic and the treatments can be expensive, to afford such kind of surgeries patients can opt for  medical insurances or payday loans from the banks or commercial lenders.


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